Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finn and Rory!!!!

My name is Finn---er---Finnegan Bach.
I am now officially a Bach Beagle. As you can see, I fit right it. I like to sleep on the couch, totally sprawled out like my brother and sister.

This is my REAL sister, Rory. She is going to live with Grandpa and Grandma in a place called Cape Cod. We like to snuggle together!

Of course, I hog the bed.

Grandpa put his Princeton hat on Rory...guess he is trying to get her to root for losers from the get go!

from KnittyD:

Hi all! Well, I did it! I'm a mommy again. Finn is sweet and silly. So far he's been a really good puppy. He slept THROUGH THE NIGHT and certainly has a clue about going potty outside. It is just a matter of DELIGENCE! He gives oddddddles of puppy kisses and has the sweetes little puppy teeth...albeit very sharp puppy teeth. He and his "brother" Gus get a long very well. Finn seems to take after Gus quite a bit. Maggie isn't quite so sure what this is all about yet.

My parents adopted Rory. She is tiny...maybe half of Finn's size...but she is "balls to the walls." She is not afraid of anything. They both love to chew rawhide and play with toys. And man, CAN THEY EAT!!!

We found out that their mother had been shot. Someone took her to the vet in West Virginia and the vet delivered the puppies. We are not sure if mom survived. There were 5 pups in all and I know the other three will find their forever homes very soon.

So that's the poop (haha) from here...more photos and adventure of Finn to follow. We will see how he does when Rory leaves...


Kim said...

Congratulations on your new baby! And I must say Finnegan is a wonderful name!

Donna said...

Oh big congrats to the new baby and mommy too! What a sweet looking puppy. You are a saint to save him.

Keep taking pics for us!

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

That baby is too damn cute! Enjoy puppyhood - it goes by oh so quickly!

anamihal said...

I was only away from my computer for a week, and look what happened! You got yourself another beagle. Congrats. I can't wait to meet him in December!!!! Annie