Friday, September 14, 2007

Modern Log Cabin Wrap #1

While vacationing on Cape Cod, I went with mom to her knitting circle at Adventures in Knitting (Harwichport, MA). They had just gotten the "Best of Interweave" and "Folk Style" in and I thought, ya, I need some inspiration-- since I keep screwing up my damn lace shawls...
Truthfully, I thought I would love the Interweave book, as that typically is my favorite source of knitting patterns. I didn't know what to expect with "Folk Style." As soon as I opened it and saw the "Modern Quilt Wrap" by Mags Kandis I knew I had to have it.

I scooped up the last remaining copy of the book and started planning on my major acquistion of kidsilk haze. The pattern calls for 9 balls, though the actual yardage requirements for the shawl are much less according to an email I received from my knitting researcher/asset (you will understand the term asset if you've seen "The Bourne Ultimatum") Allison Kelsey.

I had also heard from a fellow knitter at mom's circle that the gold color used in the wrap had been discontinued and was pretty hard to find.

Since I was in Cape Cod, and NOBODY up there seems to carry much Rowan, I went to the internet. I purchased 6 of the 9 balls from WEBS ( and was able to take advantage of their discount program (which is awesome by the way). I got two balls from Rosie's (thanks Courtney for holding them for me!) and the elusive gold color? I snagged the last ball from Royal Yarns. FYI to anyone considering this project, there is some gold out just have to look for has, indeed, been discontinued.

So, I dove right in when I returned home. Starting this process coincided with starting my new job (yes I've started and yes I've got a lot to blog about it but not now!) so it felt a bit cathartic to begin the journeys together.

Well, let's just say my first attempt did not go well. I was not at all put off by the mitered squares...I find them easy as pie. But it just didn't work well. Here is the finished project of my swatch. The swatch is the first four squares of the project.

Swatch 1; Pre Block

Swatch 2; blocking

Swatch 1: Post Blocking

I was pretty despondent. It did not look as pretty as it did in the book! I knew there was a better way. Will consultation from Kate and Courtney at Rosie's, I made the following changes. I also augmented the pattern...I am very happy with the results:


So here's what I did:

1) Went down to size 6 needles

2) SPIT SPLICING all color changes within blocks

3) Pattern changes made the whole thing work a little better--if you are interested in these changes, please email me

I don't want to piss anyone off or violate any copy right things but I'm happy to share them with anyone who is involves slipping stitches and changing the center decreases a bit.

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