Thursday, September 27, 2007

Confessions of a Veterinary Social Worker, Part 2

3 weeks into the job now and I continue to be amazed. I STILL can't believe I am getting paid for this. It is still exciting and new and I'm learning so much. I guess I just didn't think that could be possible this many years into my social work career.

So here is the biggest thing I've noticed that is different. In hospital social work, most client's and their families are not particularly grateful for what you are doing with them...for instance, you don't often hear, "thanks for putting my mom in that nursing home...or...thanks for telling me I have no insurance and can't get follow up care anywhere but at a city health clinic...or...thanks for telling me this medication will cost me $3000...

But over here...people are just so grateful to have me to talk to. And I truly feel their gratitude. They send me photos of their beloved animals. They tell me funny stories. They don't know me from Adam, but they allow themselves to cry openly and honestly over the total this stranger reassuring them that they will get through this...not over it...but through it.

Also, I'm amazed by these animals. Yes I know, animals are meant to enhance our lives...but they are also just really damn the dalmation with anxiety who sucks on his tail all day when alone. Like a child sucking his thumb...

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