Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Pain

Yeah yeah yeah...I blog in a week.

It is HOT AS BALLS...and did we mention the humidity? I'm melting, my door is some swollen it has to be pushed open with force and the wood floors are buckling. It is very moist.

Today, I saw the foot doctor. I, indeed, have developed bone spurs on both of my heels. They look REALLY cool on the xrays, like little hooks hanging off the bone. At this time, surgical removal is NOT necessary. But, to treat the plantar fasciaitis, I got a cortisone shot in my right foot. I couldn't handle getting one in the left. Cortisone shots suck major ass. I've had one before in my shoulder...this was NO better. I'm all achy and swollen at the injection site. At this time, I'm icing my foot. Lucky for me (!) I can get up to two more shots over the next six weeks...somehow I doubt that will happen. Maybe after the initial trauma wears off, I'm hoping it feels better. I'll keep all of you loyal readers posted.

The other pain also has to do with feet...but this time with the pair of knitted socks I was making for my English pal Steven. I WAS making them in Brooks Farm Acero, which Brooks is marketing as a sock yarn. I love this colors and the quality of the yarn is wonderful. But this ain't sock yarn. I decided to try them on, just to check them out...I couldn't get them over my (ca)ankles. Yes, I have wide feet and an abnormally high instep, but I was getting gauge in the Fiber Trends "Peak Experience" Mt. Hood Pattern...and this yarn just doesn't work. It has NO give that you do get in other sock yarns like STR, Shepherd Sock...etc. I ripped this off the needles. I'm fricking pissed because I had already turned the heel and done all the gusset decreases and on first glance, they do LOOK great. Wasted knitting time...:-(

So, I'm going to start "Loskins" in Shepherd Sock colorway Devon. Have you seen this colorway. It is new and it is AMAZING!

Also check out TRKFLD bags. These were recently featured in the Philly Mag and I just had to check them out for myself. Let's just say, I purchased one last night at Philly Runner and it is hot! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. And I don't think it is the last one I'll be buying...

And here is this weeks, "Oh how I love this city" post; thanks for ripping up my street 5 weeks ago, subjecting my car to the new and fun game of manhole dodging and posting "NO PARKING" signs all over the place for the last week and NOT PAVING ANYTHING...GREAT JOB!!!

I told you the heat was getting to me...


Sherry W said...

The paving thing sucks butt. My new house is a block away from you I think. The pothole game is really fun on a bike, thankyouverymuch.

I BET some contractor is nursing this project. They work for 1 day, go to 'the shore' for a week and charge the city for 5 weeks of work.

Sorry about your feet, hope they get better soon.

Kim said...

Sorry about the heel spurs- I used to work for a podiatrist and I know they can really hurt. Have you tried heel cups?

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Been there, done that with the heel spurs. They do look neat but hurt like crazy. I had one food operated on years ago and, even though I never did the other foot, my feet stopped hurting. I've also had them removed from my shoulders - which really didn't work and sometimes interferes with knitting. Try the heel cut or orthotics - they seem to help. It's all that milk our mothers made us drink - too much calcium. Good luck with the road work and I hope your feet feel better. That shot is a real SOB. I nearly went through the ceiling when he stuck that baby into my foot. Whoever thought of that one should be working in Iraq to get answers - or in the white house to get answers. Keep cool - looks good for Friday.
You know - I really miss the podcast. I was sitting in my backyard and I had nothing interesting to listen to. Is Wendy okay?

jen_k said...

Wow, this really sucks! I sure hope you are feeling better.

I miss your podcasts too!