Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Update...No Dennis Miller here

Heading off to brunch at the Ten Stone in a few, so this will be a quick post.

Congrats to "MY" Roger and his straight set victory in the Australian Open Men's Singles Final over some Chilean guy. I love you Roger.

I forgot to TIVO the match at 3am (live) so I'm tivoing it at noon...then I can watch Roger in slow motion. (not a stalker AT ALL)

I've decided to start getting the livingroom together for the Plasma TV I'm planning on purchasing with part of my tax refund. I've got to move some furniture, get a HD-DVR cable box (which could take weeks with comcast), and actually DO my taxes. But, its in the works.

Speaking of Comcast, has anyone else discovered THE TUBE (channel 250 in Philly). OH MY GOD. It is what MTV was when it started WITHOUT the annoying VJ's. All videos...all the time. Right now, I'm watching Bono, with a mullet, singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" at Live Aid. I'm not sure I'll be watching much else anymore and I think it will be even better on the big screen. Do you think the dogs will be more apt to watching the "Dog Whisperer" on the big screen. God, I'm giddy.

Class went really well yesterday. I really missed my students! SURPRIZE! Did a BREW homecheck and met some great perspective Beagle Adopters. And today WEGMANS with Elizabeth. I can't wait. Oh, yeah, I'll be knitting and watching Roger and The Tube.

PS I visited the Old Navy outlet in Florida---totally great place to stock up on basics, like Tshirts for $4.99. I just discovered there is an Old Navy Outlet at Franklin Mills...I'm going!

rambling rambling rambling

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joann, wynnewood said...

Christine, is Wendy okay? I hope you guys have slowed down on the podcasts because of work. I'm starting to worry.
Loved the lace your grammy was wearing. Very beautiful.