Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm a bad blogger

So before Heather has a chance to rag on me tomorrow at work, I figured I would blog tonight and give some updates...

I had a knitting melt down the other night. I messed up North Sea for the gajillionth time and took it, AGAIN, to my sensai Grace. Grace pointed out that my mess up was worse and bigger than I thought and proceeded to rip out 5 patterns repeats or so (6o ish rows). I've put North Sea aside for a bit. I simply cannot look at it anymore without feeling like I want to vomit. I imagine this is what my patient's must feel like when they are driving to the hospital for chemo and they suffer from the phenomenon we call "anticipatory nausea." I have also decided I'm giving it to Grandma for Christmas. I think I may pick it up again in October.

What else am I not finishing? (Even after I declared this a "I must finish some projects month?")
--Mom's socks. Bored. Forgot the pattern. Hate size one needles.
--Eyelet Wrap in "Whale of a Skein" from Lobster Pot. Like it, hate the needles (Denise) I'm working on. Purchased some size 13 Daisy's but cable needs to be unkinked in hot water. Out door temp is too high to submit oneself to hot water. I feel like if I JUST knit this project I'd finish it in a couple of days, so likely I'll pick this up when I get to the Cape on Thursday as I'm seeing Susan "Lobster Pot Lady" a week from Friday for lunch and I'd like to have SOMETHING to show her.
--Feather and F'anne is fine, but also boring. It will get finished for mom for xmas.
--Okay, so I cast on another project. To console myself after the incident with North Sea, I decided to purchase yarn for a baby blanket for a friend (who reads the blog). I choose the Blue Sky Alpaca Pattern for the "Three Piece Baby Set" that both my sister and Trish are already making. But, I just couldnt decide on a color of bBue Sky for the project and I was also carrying this incredible disdain for the cotton after knitting the bobby bear. So I decided (with Grace's help) on Cashmerino Aran from Debbie Bliss in color "Pea." I'm hauling ass with the knitting and IT HAS NO HOLES! It isn't mindless knitting but it is pretty close.
--Dad's sweater...picked it up again to remind myself that I AM a good knitter. Love the yarn (Cascade 220) and the pattern (from summer's interweave). Dad is going to look very handsome.

I'm heading to the Cape Thursday for some much needed R and R. I plan on knitting, sleeping, reading, sleeping, going to the beach and sleeping. I'm looking forward to some MAJOR beagle loving.

Speaking of the beagles, we've been busy with puppy dates, last weekend with Aunts Jane and Jen and the kids and Lulu and this week with Hamilton, Lori and Mike. Sadly, blogger is NOT cooperating AGAIN with photo you want get to see any of the wickedly cute photos. I'll try manana.

Oh and I FINALLY got the teaching gig at Temple solidified. I'm teaching Foundations of Social Work Practice (or something to that effect) to first year MSW students. Imagine me, knittyd, shaping the minds of young social workers...(insert evil laugh here).

Oh and my Phils are En Fuego! I tell you all they had to do was trade Bell and Abreu...and look what has happenend. Bats wake up! I saw Ry-Ry hit a 450 foor bomb to the Powerball sign in center field last night that was UNREAL!

Wendy and I recorded episode 10 of knitty and the keep your ears and Ipod's peeled for it when Wendy gets done editing it.

Three more work days to go until CAPE COD!

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Lisa (aka: emtpierce) said...

I found your blog via Wendy's blog---and of course listen to your Podcast as well.

My husband and I love to go to Philles games as much as you do---and we went to yesterday's game (Sunday) where we were sweating it out...... not only due to the heat / humidity..... but based on them almost losing the game to the Nationals. It was SO exciting ---the 10 to 1 lead!! ....and so nerve racking towards the end of the game --hoping they'd hold on.

I took my knitting with me and worked on the 2nd of my pair of seemed everytime I was knitting they were doing GREAT---everytime I put my knitting down for a break the started faltering..... Ha Ha!