Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bind Off Updates

I've got LOTS of sponsors and a phone tree to keep me from casting on anything new.
I'm about 50 rows from finishing the Clappy...I can't wait. I have also turned the heal on mom's first sock that rocks...I got the new knitpicks size 1 circs yesterday...those mothers are SHARP! great for socks knitting! The join is nice and frankly the price, $4.99 can't be beat. No, these are NOT the interchangeable needles...I'm not planning on spending the bucks on those at this time.
Okay I've got to go be in denial about work stuff and call the Fold for more socks that rock

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Carol said...

Hate to be an enabler, but I did just dye a skein of acid green laceweight. I'll bring it into Rosie's on Saturday. Just in case...