Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photo Gallery

Gus and the Sea Foam Stole

Black Bunny Lace Weight for you love it?

New Stash Storage Courtesy of the Christmas Tree Shop. Wendy thinks it is just a "What did Maggie eat segment waiting to happen.

So, I got this closes and holds LOTS of yarn. It is also Maggie proof.

Sea Foam Stole #2

Slow Progress on the Feather and F'Anne

New "private collection" Malabrigo I scored in Chadd's Ford. My new winter coat will be focused on this yarn

Finally, my beach/yarn tote...I can't wait for vacation...three weeks from Thursday...


Kathy said...

I never thought about using the Seafoam for a stole! I used it for a Koigu One Skein Scarf/Hair Tie - - and loved the pattern, it's one where you don't have to keep track of your row or stitch, you can tell what to do by looking at your work, great for traveling.

What are you planning for your Malabrigo? I love the feel of that yarn! Soft, soft, soft!

Annie said...

I love it...and I love that it is named after bunnies. Can't get better than that! Thanks sweetie. I can't wait to see the creation.