Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yeah! They are over! Let's celebrate!
(Just kidding Annie and Money! I had a great time at BOTH weddings and am so honored you both chose me to share your special days!)

Anyway, here are some photos from my weekend in Pittsburgh and Annie's Wedding:

Annie, her college roomie Becky and me

Christopher and I get our groove on

Annie and Jeff

Annie, Jeff and me

Becky and her boys, Eric and Michael

Our Wooster Alum Photo; from the class of '94
Terry, Jeff, Becky, Annie, Christopher, Christina

Annie dances with Jeff's dad

Annie and my sister, Allison

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah Christina!!!!
I found your blog. The pictures look great! When I get home this weekend, we'll get our pics on the puter and get a few to you.
It was great to see you and your family!