Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new puter

I got a bran new computer today and it has this funky link to write blogs I'm giving it a try.  Dad and I also just did our first web cam enabled chat, however we were not able to hear each other.  I did see Rory and Luther and up dad's nose though.  We will figure the sound out soon enough. 

Why a new 'puter?  Well, my laptop is still very functional, but maxed out completely between Itunes and photos and other programs (it has a very small hard-drive).  Plus, with teaching at Temple again and course development projects I'm working on for Penn Vet and Sp2, it was time to upgrade to a home base desktop computer with oodles of storage.  I'll still use the laptop for what it is for, portability. 

I also got the 22inch monitor which is really unreal.

Well that is it for now...Jen, Cesi and Julianna are visiting and we are heading to the Continental Midtown for early dinner.  More as I discover cool crap on the new 'puter.