Monday, October 06, 2008


OMG. I am beside myself. I can't believe the Phillies are going to the NLCS!

I actually got to go to game 2 last Thursday evening. It was THE MOST AMAZING GAME I have ever been to.

Then on Saturday, we went to Chickie and Pete's to watch the game, with our favorite side dish; CRAB FRIES!
Even Gabriel joined in the fun

Yes there was a lot of face painting. And yes, we had to wait until Sunday for the Phils to end the Brewers season...and Sunday was awesome! Here's to Pat "the bat" Burrell and his two long balls.

So I say, BRING ON MANNY and the DODGERS!!!

I love October baseball

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Mandy said...

You must be ecstatic right now! Nice to see the Phillies win it at home!