Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bursitis, Scrapbooking and knitting


Why can't it be Thursday already. This week is two days young and already I'm anxious for the weekend.
So I haven't written about my shoulder bursitis or the cortisone injection I received last Thursday afternoon. Perhaps that is because I would rather forget it.
Nor have I scribed about my car being towed from my block for apparently "blocking a driveway" and $250 later and a cab ride to a very seedy area in South Philly, I retrieved the car and then proceeded to have a nervous breakdown. Again, not one of my finest moments.
So lets move on.

I've finished the Placket Neck Raglan for Julianna...It's adorable.
I'm plowing through a very cool modular scarf made out of "supermerino" by Art Yarns
I visited the new yarn shop in town, LOOP. It's very pretty with equally pretty yarn. Yum.
Tonight I party on with the Wynne's...
I'm scrapbooking like mad...I've done 8 pages already which equals only our first day in England! This book is going to be MASSIVE

And finally, its the first day of summer and of course, it is getting hot again.
I love humidity.

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